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Excellent cooperation in the seventeenth biaxially oriented equipment technology exchange meeting

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Meeting notice

        In order to further strengthen the technical exchanges in the biaxial stretching industry, comprehensively upgrade the technical level of the industry, and promote the localization of biaxial stretching equipment and spare parts. It is planned to hold the 17th Biaxial Stretching Equipment Technical Exchange in Guangzhou from May 14 to 16, 2017, and organize a visit to the 31st China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition (May 16 to 19). BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP and other related film production and related equipment supporting enterprises and equipment, technology, purchasing managers are invited to participate in this meeting.

With the strong support of friends in the biaxial stretching industry, through more than ten years of technical exchanges and promotion, biaxial stretching advanced technology has been widely used, high-quality equipment and spare parts have been recognized by the industry, industry technical difficulties have been broken through. It has produced good economic and social benefits and played a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the industry.

The meeting will focus on the latest development trends and cutting-edge technologies in the biaxial stretching industry, and carry out energy-saving new technologies, imported and localized equipment and spare parts promotion activities.

Meeting time:

In May 14, 2017, the whole day will be checked in; May 15th will be held; May 16th will visit the international rubber and plastic exhibition.

Guangzhou Nanyang Changsheng Hotel - Guangzhou Tianhe District, Guangzhou Road, 38 Beixinghua Road, Metro Line 6 Exit A.
Main conte
nts of the conference:

1. the overall situation and development direction of biaxial stretching industry;
2. introduction and exchange of technology trends and trends of biaxial stretching equipment;
3. biaxially stretching equipment and parts new materials, new technologies, new products recommendation;
4. experience in application of auxiliary equipment maintenance and energy saving measures.
5. troubleshooting and exchange of equipment for biaxially stretched production line.
6. domestic and international plastic packaging new products, new technology seminars;
7. information and communication on localization of equipment and spare parts;
8. visit the thirty-first China International Rubber and plastic exhibition.

Meeting charges:

Industry: 1000 yuan / person supplier: 2000 yuan / person.

The meeting fee includes venue fee, information fee, service charge and so on. Meetings fee remitted to: Nanjing Shengxu Technology Co., Ltd. (Opening Bank: Nanjing Industrial and Commercial Bank Gaoloumen Branch Account: 43018809100075379) or the meeting submitted on arrival.

Accommodation should be booked in advance. According to the unified arrangement, the accommodation fee should be paid by oneself. The standard double room and big bed room are 420 yuan per day. The supplier will prepare 200 copies of the relevant technical information of the company and submit the report to the conference office for unified release. The speech report of the conference will be published in the special issue of China Plastic Film Network. The speaker is invited to contact He Xueying of China Plastic Film Network. The deadline is April 20.

Biaxially stretching technology collaboration network France ESOPP
Guangdong Shicheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shantou Yuandong Light Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Long Huilong filter net Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Sheng Xu Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Si Kent electronic measuring equipment Co., Ltd.

Co organizer:
Shandong Weihai Hai Chao Machinery Co., Ltd.
China plastic film net Foshan Yun Tong Chen plastic Auxiliaries Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Plastics Engineering Society Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Kai Qian roller Co., Ltd. Jiangsu fine polymer material Co., Ltd.
Germany Halle group Guangzhou Fu Trading Co., Ltd.



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